Rachel Otto

Rachel Otto is a dreamer, an initiator and a lover of life. She is a First Dan Rainbow Reiki Master, a licensed angelic healer, and is certified in other energy healing modalities. Rachel has conducted over eight thousand individual healing sessions, lectured across the nation, and led numerous group meditations and sound baths.

In 2024 her book, From Bourbon Street to the Twelfth Dimension Finding Divine Love published by Balboa Press, will offer an inspiring glimpse into a healer’s spiritual journey while inviting others to accept the guidance of divine consciousness and love while living in future joy now. Here she shares an in-depth look at her expedition of life and spirituality through the understanding of dimensions powered by divine love. Her narrative includes insight into her first experience with meditation in sixth grade, her journey to becoming an energy healer, and why letting go of the past and choosing divine love over fear will change not only our lives, but also the world. Through her personal story, wisdom, tools, and perspectives, Otto encourages others to experience and create their own beliefs and interpret each dimension in their own way. Included are channeled messages from her and others that remind us that we are truly divine beings, each with special gifts, that are connected to the world.

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