Rebecca Rose

Seer/Psychic, Healer & Galactic Experiencer

Rebecca Rose is a lifelong multidimensional traveler currently doing profound work with others as an energy intuitive, seer and healer. As a child, she was abducted into various dark government programs as a result of her father’s work with the deep state. She is now able to speak more openly about her early experiences and how they relate to humanity’s shifting timeline and collective ascension.

A strong, heart-based daily meditation practice supports Rebecca’s ability to work adeptly with clients from all walks of life and to ground high level spiritual energy. She believes all that occurs in human incarnation – no matter how light or dark – draws us closer to fruition on the human journey and, when viewed with equanimity, invites increasingly sophisticated, transformative perspectives

Rebecca reads in the Akashic Records, offers Quantum Healing sessions, Inner Child Integration, Galactic Attunements and much more. From a client recently, “Rebecca, you have the gift of activating a person’s deeply hidden gifts and talents in such a loving and gentle way.”

Portal To Ascension Appearances

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