Robert McWilliam
A Walk – In Journey

Robert McWilliam was born in January of 1971. He obtained his degree in nursing and has been in service to humanity since 2005.

He became a walk-in soul exchange on January 3, 1989 at 11:11pm from the Pleiades System. This is not his first walk-in mission. He first incarnated as Queen Marie Antoinette and at the time of her beheading into the body of a young impoverished, abused French girl. Next he walked into Abraham Lincoln prior to his marriage to Mary Todd. Prior to being a walk-in to Robert, he walked into Adlai Stevenson, Governor of Illinois.

His overall mission has been to bring integrity to politics. Having completed his mission, he volunteered to serve as a walk-in to Robert. He feels this will complete his mission and he will then be able to return to the Pleiades to continue his spiritual growth.

His spiritual name is Dylan Michael and he resides in Melbourne, Australia.

Talk Title: A Walk – In Journey

My experience and various walk-in experiences including that of Abe Lincoln.

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