Roberto Pinotti

Roberto Pinotti, Founder of Italy’s Centro Ufologico Nazionale (1967) – present day), editor, CUN’s UFO Magazine (1967 – present day), contributor to FSR and Ray Parmer’s FLYING SAUCERS, NICAP member and APRO, MUFON and CUFOS Italian representative, International author (more than 40 books), organizer, annual UFO WORLD SYMPOSIUM (San Marino, 1993 – present day) and co-founder of the Amateur Astronomer Montelupo Groupe (Florence).

In 1997 Maura Tombelli of the Montelupo Group discovered an asteroid and its chosen name in the Minor Planet Catalogue Was PINOTTI 12470-1997BC. Conference organizer on more than 100 occasions (90 international), international lecturer on all aspects of Ufology, experienced in the media i.e. via TV, radio and documentary appearances etc.


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