Robin Nicole

Robin Nicole (Daughter of Light) is a Way-shower of Freedom, A Multidimensional Intuitive Artist, A Certified Hypnotist specializing in Past Life and Inner Childhood Trauma, Trance Channeller, and Heart-Based Living Coach.

Robin incarnated onto the Earth this lifetime as an Activator to help raise the vibration of Humanity and a key leader, to assist in bringing in the New Golden Age in a much more balanced way. She came in on the “Herold’s of Light Frequency” and the “Energy of Independence for All”. She is here as a Way-shower of Freedom, to help break people out from the chains that bind their hearts.

She accomplishes this task by activating them through her Light-Coded Artwork and Energy Crystal Grid Devices, Light Language, Trance Channelling and inspiring people through messages from the “Ei-Kie-Honia Collective” (Which is the Inner Child Essences of the Ascended Masters Collective from the 17th Dimensional Frequency), Private Hypnotherapy Regression Sessions, Hosting I AM LIGHT Retreats, and frequently Being a Guest Speaker at many Online/In-person Spiritual Conferences. On top of all of her offerings, she gives back to the community by offering free events throughout the year. Once a month she hosts Conscious Creativity and Inspiration Circles and special 7th Dimensional Light Infusion Circles during the Equinoxes and Solstices that occur 4 times a year.

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