Rocco Moon

Rocco is a multi medium expressionist, art therapist, and spiritual teacher. His training is as a trauma therapist, somatic experience practitioner, raja kriya yogi, siddha, psychedelic integration guide, and metaphysics instructor. He teaches pragmatic, utilitarian non duality, Christ Consciousness, ego understanding, self realization and self clarification. He sees his work as a Christos Lineage grid point holder. His primary initiators and guides are Yeshua, Arch Angel Michael, Quan Yin, and Hanuman. He is an Earth Angel, New Earth Crystalline Grid Point, Ascension Guide, Mirror Being, Non Duality integrator, alchemist, and demon slayer. He performed his first exorcism at age 20 and was then further initiated into the esoteric understanding of the energy work required to properly protect himself while doing that work and assisting others in returning to sovereign wholeness. Rocco sees his art as a reflection of his own vibrational alignment, accord, and as a magnet for those he is a relevant match for in alchemy.

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