Sal Rachele
Teacher, Healer & Mystic

Sal Rachele is a teacher, healer, mystic and priest, with over 40 years’ experience in the human potential movement. He is the author of “Soul Integration,” “Earth Awakens: Prophecy 2012 -2030,” “Earth Changes and Beyond: Messages From the Founders,” “Life On the Cutting Edge Second Edition, and his newest book, “The Real History of the Earth.” Sal is the co-founder of the Sananda Mystery School, an online correspondence course led by Lord Sananda, the oversoul of Jesus. Sal conducts numerous workshops and seminars around the world on the topics of healing and ascension. His “timeline healing” is a unique form of therapy that enables souls to heal trauma from early childhood and past lifetimes. Sal is also an accomplished pianist, with several recordings of original meditative music.

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