Scott Mathias

Scott Mathias is a Journalist, Author, and Gut Health Specialist who lives in Agnes Water, Australia. He worked in television and radio in New Zealand and Australia for nearly 40 years and is an award-winning journalist and researcher. Scott draws on a lifetime of human experiences, which has seen him associated with Heads of state, Royalty, including the late Princess Diana, and ordinary folk who have wonderful stories to tell.

As a former television journalist in both Australia and his country of birth, New Zealand, Scott has a strong connection with planet Earth winning media awards for stories based on raising human awareness around the plight of earth and animals that walk its surface.

Scott is recognized for his high level of natural empathy and intuitive powers when dealing with others who desire to experience reconnection.

He has authored four books. Three on gut health entitled, “Understanding The Divine Guy Book”, “Let’s Eat Raw Recipe Book”, “RAW Vegan Meals”, “The Ultimate Gutfixx Recipe Book”, and “The Antares Seals: Return of the Holy Grail”. Currently he is working on a fifth book.

Scott became a soul exchange ‘walk-in’ during November of 1987, at the age of 32, after the death of a child. This death launched Scott into an extreme state of grief which caused his metabolism, heart rate and pulse rate to drop dangerously low. Ambition and ego drained from his body. He lay in an almost comatose state for almost three weeks. Scott believes that this event precipitated the ANKHA’ra’s arrival because of his bodily state and the immense grief that caused his heart to blow wide open.

His walk-in comes from the star Antares and he is an EL’an known as ANKHA’ra with memories of his non-earth lifetimes.

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