Shakara Tosha

Shakara Tosha is a Multidimensional Arcturian StarBeing–a StarBeing Messenger, Light Language Communicator, Ascension Guide, Energetic Healer & Activator, Author, Code Carrier & Artist. She offers Guidance, Wisdom and Creative Activation Tools to assist humanity navigate through our dynamically shifting Ascension times now. She has consciously connected with Star People and cosmic realms all her life through personal experiences and interactions, ceremony, self-initiations, travels on the land and artistic creations.

Shakara has received thousands of quantum downloads daily from an array of Star Guides she partners with. These came in dreamtime, visioning, visitations and waking moments–via energetic frequencies, physical and etheric codes and symbols, information, cosmic wisdom, direct Messages, techniques and life guidance on an extensive range of topics from each Guide’s perspective. She also communicates many forms of Light Languages through scripting symbols and codes, artwork and vocalizing many Star Languages, which permeate all her multimedia work.

She has held Senior Management positions in New York City for 35 years at many top companies and industries while running her own website business, making art and talking with Star People. Then she radically shifted into 10 years of deep spiritual ceremony while being a Professional Key Speaker for many spiritual conferences and gatherings. After living off-grid a few years to pull together her library of material, she is now launching all her new work, including her first book called “Ascension NOW-Becoming The New YOU” in an ongoing series of books, classes and courses, artwork, multimedia performances and energetic products.

As a “Creative Inspirationalist”, Shakara helps people expand their energetic vibrations to sync with the new frequencies, master their unique creative abilities, to collectively reconnect and co-create with the cosmos. She works with the energetic Codes of Creation, and moves in multidimensional ways fully guided by Spirit, The StarBeings and her Higher Self. She has co-activated thousands of people worldwide through private sessions, presentations and artwork to connect to their higher vibrations, radically transforming their energetic frequency to consciously and creatively shape their life path in new ways. Bridging ancient wisdom and modern life, Shakara partners and works with “Starseeds-Becoming-StarBeings” to awaken and “Remember” their true nature, develop their unique soul expressions and manifest the creative life of their dreams.

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