Shima Moore

Shima Moore, metaphysical curator and educator is a life-long community-and-event organizer, who utilizes ancient and modern wisdom and celestial insights to integrate body mind and spirit through her 5D_StarPortal. She is cofounder of the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo, Perceptions magazine, and Rainbow Grocery & General Store in SF, and creatrix of YourAstrologyCurator (FB), Moon ManifestationMagic, 10-days to Ageless Vitality Master Cleanse, and Shima, Metaphysics and Moore Radio and world-wide facilitator of Peter Deunov’s PanEuRhythmy sacred dance, and Stargate Activations/Meditations.

Shima currently resides in Mount Shasta California where she is immersed in nature, astrological research, writing, and teaching, along with community ritual-and-musical celebration/performances

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