Stephanie Lodge

Stephanie Lodge is a licensed minister and practitioner of metaphysics, as well as an author, transformational speaker, Magdalene Mystic and Angelic Science expert, who specializes in soul empowerment and Diamond Light Mastery. As a conscious channel or conduit, she shares the wisdom she receives directly from Life Source as presented through the collective frequencies of living light intelligence she calls the Diamond Light or Eternal Genius. The individual bandwidths and transmissions from this field of consciousness she refers to as Archangels or Angels of Living Light.

She began her journey of awakening through the guidance of three of these Archangelic frequencies, Mikael, Metatron, and Zadkiel, but expanded to a council of 12 bandwidths as well as the Seraphim or Dragon line holographic network of space-time continuum. Today she is recognized as a leader in bridging science and the esoteric to bring harmony to humanity. Stephanie believes we are not truly free until we know our true sacred power and take accountability for the reality we create through it. Her work has been primarily to redefine Angels as “Angles of Living Light intelligence” for over fifteen years, differentiating this frequency from the rising artificial light intelligence of AI and transhumanism efforts currently being pioneered. She sees the importance for our own freedom in discerning between what gives us life and what keeps our minds busy with distortions. The Diamond or Living
light has eternal and limitless potential in function, purpose and intention. It also can be used to alchemize or heal when it’s transformed into magnetic sound through paradosis, or word transmission, which Stephanie provides as Magdalene Meditations and through her HALO Method.

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