Steven Halpern

STEVEN HALPERN is an internationally acclaimed recording artist, composer, author, media spokesman researcher and pioneering sound healer. A founding father of New Age music, Steven began channeling a new, mindful approach to composing that launched a “Quiet Revolution” and a new healing music genre in modern instrumental music. Landmark brainwave biofeedback and Kirlian (biofield) photography research (1973, 1977, 1999) established the scientific foundation for his spiritually-inspired music and documented its unique effectiveness to reduce stress, tune the chakras, balance the biofield and support immune system function and optimal well-being.

Steven’s music continues to entrain the brain of millions of listeners into the alpha (ital) and theta(ital) brainwave states that nurture body, mind and spirit. His iconic albums, SPECTRUM SUITE (now CHAKRA SUITE) have created, over 45 years of use, a unique ‘musical morphic resonance’ (MMR) that supports global harmony. From DEEP ALPHA to ECHOES of a DREAM to SOUND HEALING 432 Hz, Halpern’s Hundredth Monkey Effect continues to create a critical mass of consciousness every time the music is heard, whether on CD, MP3 or streaming simultaneously to millions of listeners. Steven is currently writing his memoir, with insights on co-creating magic in the recording studio.

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