Suraya Errikson had a powerful, rare spiritual awakening of Kundalini. This catapulted her into the God Force Energy of pure samadhi, sought after by yogis and written about in sacred Indian texts. The experience permanently opened her up to the world of multi-dimensional states of soul awareness.

Suraya will speak about how in the face of this most magical awakening, she had an unsuspected and surprising dialogue with “Spirit.” She was told that she must experience this utter, high state of God Bliss in sexual union and that it is to be very healing for the next step in her spiritual evolution.

Her revolutionary book God and the Evolution of Orgasm takes the reader on a spiritual journey through comedic and intimates twists which are both a mystical and sexual adventure of a lifetime. It’s a human, heartfelt, mind-blowing story of a mystic in modern times that gives us examples of how to cross over into other dimensions and unleash the evolutionary force of spirit -the ancients called on to bring about a greater spiritual consciousness to humanity. Ultimately, her communication is to demonstrate how all aspects of life are sacred, but it’s time to cultivate a sacred connection to the sexual.

John Gray, author of #1 Best-Selling Men Are From Mars & Women Are From Venus, calls it: “An unforgettable and vulnerable story of a woman’s mystical quest for divine connection through sexual awakening with all its complexities.”

Suraya is a Guatemalan-American with a diverse background in the arts and media. She has grown from being a professional ballet dancer, to launching a successful New Age music label, to producing infomercial, and producing, directing, & writing comedy vignettes for a British TV show called “Naked Truth. She has written scripts for Oscar-winning producer Cary Brokaw of Avenue Pictures. She is a speaker and authority on spiritual exploration and has authored a #1 best seller on Amazon called “God and the Evolution of Orgasm” a book about her Kundalini awakening. She is currently launching an invention and is currently working with Robert Lawrence to produce her movie script for a feature film.

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