Suzanne Price
Topic: Understanding Afterlife Communication: A Personal and Scientific Perspective

Anyone has the potential to learn about, practice and discern subtle levels of higher consciousness and relate them to the afterlife. Suzanne believes the understanding of NDEs, STEs and other forms of afterlife communication are really not independent of objective explanation, but main stream science and technology haven’t reached that level of knowledge yet. She will explore the nature of afterlife communication from personal experiences and a quantum science viewpoint featuring frequency, vibration and harmonic synchronization. Suzanne’s husband died unexpectedly following surgery in the summer of 2020. Afterwards she began to receive various types of communications from him, both physical and subtle. Fortunately, she was able to identify these messages emanating from different levels of awareness because of her long-time studies of energy, consciousness, universal spirituality, quantum science and its relation to the afterlife. She will provide background material and relate her personal experiences to subtle levels of awareness known by many esoteric spiritual paths. Travelers of the Far Country have explored these realms of the afterlife consciously and left a legacy of information about them in sacred literature. They provide milestones for discerning states of higher consciousness in this life and beyond.

Formally trained as a cultural anthropologist and communications professional, Suzanne has become a spiritual scientist and quantum science researcher who has investigated the bridge between universal spirituality and the quantum worlds for more than fifteen years. Her journey of Soul has spanned a lifetime of seeking and finding deeper answers to the basic questions of life punctuated by many spiritually transformative experiences. She has presented at IANDS, Teslatech’s Extraordinary Technology Conferences, U.S. Psychotronics Association, Science and Non-Duality and locally in the Denver, Colorado area at the Paranormal Research Forum, Society for Scientific Exploration, BoulderExo and other forums.

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