Sylvain Rochon

International public speaker, futurist, and author of “Engineering Paradise:  Are You Ready?” and over 100 published articles about the future, Sylvain is also the VP of Network Development, Co-Founder at the Alliance for Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact, Director at the Canadian Institute of Mass Communication, Co-Founder of CykoMetrix, Delegate of the World Future Society, Co-Founder of the Intellectua think tank and Master Entrepreneur Facilitator & Coach.

With a passion for international peace and systemic change, Sylvain promotes fast progress towards a world where people no longer need to work to survive, where all basic needs are met, with peace all around, including with civilizations from outer space!  His dream is to live long enough to see the day where humanity unites under one universal slogan.  Peace for all in the universe.

Portal To Ascension Appearances

Extraterrestrial Diplomacy & First Contact Conference