Tamara Richardson

Tamara Caulder Richardson is a 6x Near-Death Experiencer, and Evidential Psychic Medium (Physical and Mental Medium with abilities such as; Xenoglossy and Transfiguration) known as the Southern Belle Medium®. She is also a Trance and Conscious Channeler of Ascended Masters such as Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, saints, Yoga Nanda, Ramanuja, Tesla, Einstein, and Ultra Dimensionals such as Commander Ashtar of the Galactic Federation, the Council of Light, Arcturian Sirian Council, and is a former Atlantean Sirian Supreme Priestess of Portal Technology, as well as, a Celestial Hybrid. She has spoken on multiple spiritual topics including candidly speaking about her six near-death experiences and the aftereffects for prestigious organizations at their annual conferences for IANDS, Spiritual Awakenings International, and has spoken about her time on the Galactic Federation ship, given light code activations, her UFO experiences, and channeled messages for Portal to Ascension, and on Lee Carroll’s Healing Wednesdays.

Tamara has been on many global podcasts and also has read live, call-in listeners. She has taught as a keynote presenter, Evidential Mediumship at the 2018 Psychic Conference at the Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. And, has given mediumship demonstrations to large audiences of 35K at conventions as the headliner for groups such as; Southern Women’s Shows and Women’s Expos. Currently, she is speaking for consciousness-expanding conferences, offering evidential mediumship and channeling demonstrations, producing her YouTube Seeking Heaven Channel, and offering courses at her Ascension School, Academy of Divine Wisdom.

Tamara is the host and producer of the popular Seeking Heaven Channel at, www.youtube.com/@SeekingHeavenChannel/videos

And, Founder/Director of her Ascension School, Academy of Divine Wisdom at, www.academyofdivinewisdom.com

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