Tamara Richardson

Tamara Caulder Richardson – 6x Near-Death Experiencer, Angelic Sirian Messenger, Ultra Dimensional Channeler, Evidential Medium known as, the Southern Belle Medium, Director of Academy of Divine Wisdom – Ascension School & Host of YouTube’s Seeking Heaven Channel

Also, I am a born psychic medium. Yet I trained 8 years in the British style of mediumship with UK’s Tony Stockwell and certified by International medium Lisa Williams, and trained with others such as John Holland and Janet Nohavec. I am at a higher level than just mediumship, or psychic readings. I am a mental and physical medium and can do trance channeling to the higher realms.

These days, I am known for being a Conscious Channeler that works with Ultra Dimensional beings and ascended masters. I channel Christ regularly, and also saints such as; Yoga Nada, Shi Baba, Gandhi, Mother Mary, St. Ignatius, and others such as Tesla and Einstein which was used in Mark Fiorentino’s book “Masters of Reality” where I canceled the acceleration formula and how to build a stargate.

I have had 6 near-death experiences, where I was a spirit. In one I died of pneumonia, was dead 2 hours then slightly revived after my lungs shut down, and spent 3-days in Heaven with Christ where He taught me many things. My multiple NDEs opened the spiritual doorway for me at birth. I have never been like others here.


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