The TwinRay

Guided by a compassionate heart and Unified by a Divine Love marriage, TwinRay Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji share beatific vision, ancient wisdom and a deep gnosis for the unchanging Truth.

Twinray was founded by the devotion of Shekinah and Sananda’s unwavering love to serve humanity, and represents the Unitive creation of all existence.

Founded and federally recognized as a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, the Teachings of TwinRay are contemporary, yet hold reverently to a very ancient thread. They are simple, yet sophisticated, heart opening, inspirational, mind stilling, wisdom filled and timelessly proven to bring Self Realization through 5,000 years of an unbroken lineage of Truth.

Shekinah and Sananda have a Golden Age Sanctuary among the Mountains of Southern Oregon, and inspire their local and global community of mystics, yogis, healers, community leaders and householders to action selfless service to humanity and the Earth.

Their method of teaching the transcendence of the worldliness that inevitably brings suffering and binding, assists to awaken the ultimate and unchanging Truth of Liberation. Shekinah and Sananda, teach students how best to play gracefully through the world into the True Light of Spirit, as they reveal the nature of Pure Awareness through their specialty as Mystic Adepts.

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