Toni Ghazi

Toni Ghazi, also known as “The Antarean Heart,” is a Trance-Channeler and Spiritual Guide working through the Praying-Mantis Beings, specifically from the Antares-Stargate. Toni brings channeled messages of UN-CONDITIONAL LOVE and INTEGRATION to help guide Humanity back to its True-Self and Essence; activating a remembrance of WHO YOU really ARE and creating a life of Empowerment and Alignment.

At the Galactic Origins Cruise, Toni will unveil the World’s First and ONLY Praying-Mantis Crystal-Skulls to you. They are activated by a 20-Million-Year-Old Praying-Mantis Being that is preserved in Petrified Amber that was discovered in Chiapas, Mexico, and an 8,000-Year-Old Egyptian Anubis-Tablet Aztlan artifact recently unearthed in Jalisco, Mexico.

As you hold the Mantis-Crystal-Skulls during your meditation, they will provide you the opportunity to CONNECT with your GALACTIC GUIDES to expand your mind BEYOND Physical Limitations and Illusions of the Veil.

Toni, along with the Crystal Skulls will lovingly facilitate for you the Power of Remembrance through Direct-Contact, and Channeled Light-Codes. And with these newly discovered Ancient Artifacts, you will embrace the Powerful Being that YOU ARE and ALWAYS have been!!!

Both Ancient Artifacts, the 20-Million-Year-Old Amber AND 8,000-Year-Old Anubis-Tablet Aztlan Artifact will be available for the public to view/feel/connect with to activate their MAGIC within.

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