Tribu Spirit
Shaundra Hyre

Shaundra Hyre is of Cherokee Indian Heritage, medicine woman, quantum energy healer, sound therapist and conscious entrepreneur. She has been working in service with sacred plants since 2010. She is based in Miami and travels all over the world serving in ceremonies under her established Plant Medicine Church, TRIBU. She is an ascension guide, mentor and teacher to others. Her name means: She brings the Light Codes. She is the full activation of the Spirit of the Ancient Ones, and therefore she is a teacher of Wisdom and one who is lovingly here to guide others upon the highest pathway to their Divinity and Sovereignty.

She is the founder and creator of Tribu Spirit an online Shamanic Shop working with small indigenous tribes in the Brazilian Amazon and also the creator of Auraura Quartz Crystal Chalice Grails. High frequency sound tools encoded with crystalline codes from her galactic family the Aurora Guardian Race. Who are from the 4th Harmonic Universe to help assist in planetary Ascension. , , 

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