Growing up I always had a feeling that I was being called to something greater. However my external reality did not confirm what I knew to be true for my life. Over time I gave up on that calling and fell into depression, anxiety, self hate (the list goes on).
It wasn’t until 2020 that I was tired of the way I was living and the way I viewed myself and the world. I wanted to love myself, my life, and the people around me. I wanted to share, to give, to love, and be happy! Through consistency and dedication i’ve been unpacking years of limiting beliefs that had held me hostage and confined- keeping me from realizing the light that I am.

Through my practice of healing and self empowerment, I have come to realize that I have something beautiful to share. My experience is not uncommon, but the light that I have within me that allowed me to climb out of darkness and into light is something worthy of being shared.

It is my hope that I can be a support to those who are having trouble finding their own light. I want to help others feel empowered to step into their calling; finding freedom in their voice, confidence in their actions, and exploring the depths of who they are in order to step into their own light.

I share light language and quantum healing, my personal spiritual experiences, as well as offer spiritual coaching sessions to support those who want to tap into their inner power.

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