Tyler Tivador

Tyler Tivador is the charismatic host of The Immersive Podcast (TIP). A professional and versatile musician – proficient in guitar and much more – Tyler has captivated audiences. This however – Was not his true calling – Tyler left that dream behind many years ago!

His journey from music to podcasting is marked by creativity, growth, passion, healing, and connection. Tyler is a dedicated to philanthropy, actively raising funds for various charities. He is set to be featured as a TEDx speaker, sharing his insights with a larger audience.

His life story is truly one of uniqueness and and trials turned into testimony. He is an avid writer and has publications in the works.

On The Immersive Podcast, Tyler explores profound ideas, cosmic mysteries, and taboo subjects with leading experts. All while sharing valuable wisdom from a life lived on the edge; and back – A journey of endless discovery. Follow Tyler on Instagram @tivador and subscribe to The Immersive Podcast today!

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