Uri Lee
Uri is a highly intuitive channel, medicine woman, and skilled clinical hypnotherapist who has received certifications in various modalities such as RTT, past-life regression, breathwork, and CHEK holistic lifestyle practices. She is also a Universal Tao Instructor and ceremonialist. Her heart-opening sessions and ceremonies help individuals access divine wisdom from their past, the astral realm, and multi-dimensional space, guiding them towards healing.
After feeling unfulfilled as a fashion consultant in Los Angeles, Uri asked God to reveal her true calling. During a deep meditation 18 years ago, she had a profound spiritual encounter with God that transported her physical body and soul to another dimension. In this otherworldly space, angels and demons fought for her soul’s rebirth. Guided to help others heal, Uri pursued the study of various holistic health modalities, became a CHEK holistic health practitioner, and began working with nature elements, herbs, plants, flower essences, superfoods, further tapping into the subconscious mind, and ancient healing techniques. She has traveled to sacred sites, including the Amazon rainforest and the High Andes, in search of peace and discovered that the most powerful way of achieving deep healing is through reprogramming the subconscious mind, healing from past wounds, and participating in celestial ceremonies utilizing sacred sacraments that connect us to the divine.

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