Valeria Bruno

Dr. Bruno is a neurologist and a neuroscientist which has devoted her 3D life to science and is author of more than 100 peer-review scientific publications. She believes that science and spirituality are just different and complementary aspects ofthe human nature. As she feels that the Planet is ready for new discoveries and ideas, she is willing to open even very scientific minds to their own intuition, creativity and spirituality and integrate the new energies that are coming in, to bring in this New Era only what is for the good of all. As a Hybrid she is a conduit of higher dimensional and extra-dimensional frequencies, acting as a Frequency Catalyst to open, cleanse, adjust Ley Lines and Portals to let the new energy come to the Planet. She is certified in self-empowerment techniques (Paris Energy Method, Breatharian Healing) and she is a Soul Blueprint Reader and a Soul Quantum Alchemist. She channels a Universal Light Language to assist in the evolution of consciousness, receives and anchors Codes of Awakening and Ascension, and provides a numeric Light Language to upgrade the DNA at a quantum level. She is supported in her mission by the Council of the Golden Arc, Angelic Masters standing at the Point of Creation to inspire Humanity, by pouring Source Energy, to open to its Magnificence.

Portal To Ascension Appearances

The Hybrids Online Conference