Valeria Tignini

Valeria has been doing private and group sessions since 2014. She leads workshops in Tokyo for a top Spiritual Company in Japan. She attends two times a year in Tokyo. Valeria will be leading group blessing sessions all throughout the world and has been at the Menla Center in Phoenecia, NY for her 5th annual year. She has led group sessions at the Sedona Creative Life Center, ABC Sanctuary in NYC, Bagua Center Miami, Om Fest in PA just to name a few.

“Her mission is to bring the crystalline sound codes of new Creation to the Earth, which is the Seventh Golden Age. Born in the USA to join her mission to the Voice of the Command, to embody the highest Love and transmit information unto the world vibrationally and act upon Reality rather than reacting to it, thus creating a new World. Light of the Eternal Truth shines brightly into her heart and mind.” -Soul Channeling from Jhadten Jewall.

Val has events to create community and share her spiritual gifts which include; 2 hr Sessions, Overnight Dreamtime Sessions, Private Sessions, Workshops, Parties, Retreats and also Online Sessions.

Valeria Tignini is an international healer, activator and public speaker that works with people of all ages, genders, races, religions and social class so that they may heal, feel deeper peace, love and awakens people to pure potentiality.

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