Varun Ghandi
Spiritual Coach

How did this start?

“Entrepreneur from the beginning”
I had an itch very early on — I was an orchestrator; I made things happen.

In 1996, when I was 11, in 6th grade, I took it upon myself to mastermind the entertainment program, the food and beverages and the decorations for our once a year class party — the whole shebang! This was a big deal for me; trust me! To pull the program off with the grand vision, I required cold-hard cash. So what do I do?

I could’ve begged my parents for a 3-year advance on my pocket money. I could’ve created a fundraising campaign on facebook. Instead, I produced decks of “cards” containing statistics of popular sports cars, WWE wrestlers, cricketers and footballers — handwritten, and made on notebook paper.

I pushed and peddled these cards to accomplish my dream class party.


“Made it to the land where dreams come true”
Then at age 15, I had a big jolt in my life. I had created this comfortable life for myself in Dubai; I had formed my clique; I had been in one environment for 12 years of my life — we had all grade levels under one roof. Now I was forced to move away from this comfort, to leave behind everything that I had known, and start fresh. That was a tough challenge for a 15-year old, fresh off the boat, dropped in the middle of white suburbia, half-way through his high school years.

I resisted this move. But I was given no option; we had to make the transition to improve our futures. We were moving to the Land of the Great American Dream. We were moving to the land with the best education system in the world. We were moving to Grand Ole’ United States.


“The Hard Life”
The first few months of my new life were extremely hard — I hated my new school, the lack of friends. Every morning, I’d complain, whine and tear up at the thought of walking down the stairs to hop on a bus traveling to a destination I had no intention of being at.

My mom urged me to push through, to stick through these tough times and things will become easier. They didn’t, not until I made my first friend in this rough high school life, where there’s no place for an oddball.


“12 years later …”
I completed a Ph.D. degree in Environmental Engineering — engineering the outer environments. My dissertation was specifically on UV disinfection in water treatment. After 2 years at a consulting firm, I realized that this career didn’t make me feel alive.

Over the last 7 years, I have reengineered my internal environment through the power of meditation and Full Chakra Activation. This transformation started through a bad break up that threw my life in a spiral. As I’ve learned how to heal myself, I want to pass these tools on through events, workshops, and experiences.


“Merging of passions”
This is when my passion for entrepreneurship, community organization and serving people through orchestrating experiences of transformation.

The first agent of transformation are the 2-hour Full Chakra Activation guided meditation events we host for 200 – 300 people.

The second agent is Spiritual Block Party, a wellness festival every 4 months combining several healing experiences in meditation and yoga with music, vegan food, and a showcase of the latest health-promoting products.

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