Victoria Reynolds

Victoria Reynolds is the physical embodiment of Victoria, Elohim of Freedom. Victoria was born into a fundamentalist, polygamist, doomsday cult in the mountains of Montana. There she experienced all the trauma and drama necessary to grow into her life purpose as a voice for spiritual freedom, restoration of the human heart and creation of a new reality based solely on love. Her purpose on the planet is to assist in the liberation of all life on Earth from all confines and controls of fear and restore the human heart to its fullest potential. Victoria is a spiritual luminary, creator and host of Fearless and Free TV, author of multiple books with more on the way, ascension teacher, and international speaker. She has been assisting humanity for over a decade and is best known for her Transcendence Process, where she teaches others how to process their shadows and most painful stories, and to rise above them. Her Ascension Academy is open for everyone who desires to ascend beyond their present reality.

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