Vox Angelus
Elohim Vocal Alchemy Transmission

VOX ANGELUS (Phyllis Douglass), is a visionary Author, Speaker, Invocational Sound Artist, Spiritual Medium & Healer, and a direct and embodied conduit for the consciousness of Elohim. Surrounded by Angels since she was a little girl, Vox has always experienced them as guides, teachers, and protectors.

Working alongside Elohim, she receives, transcribes, and emanates the highest Heavenly Sound Signatures of sacred design and creation. Vox sings, speaks, writes, and transmits the frequency encoded language of Elohim—the Infinite Language of God’s Light–into sound, energy, and etheric geometric constructs of creation that she then shifts and manipulates to manifest change. Elohim refers to her as a “Transcendent Bridge” and divine vessel; capable of facilitating states of awareness and consciousness, above and beyond the range of normal or merely physical human experience.

Her Vocal Transmissions are alchemical invocations that help you to unravel and release emotional strongholds, perceived challenges, energetic distortion and imbalance, and the internalized influences that are keeping you from moving forward in alignment with your soulful path and purpose. This the “Art of the UNDOING”–using encoded frequency, energy, resonance, and vibration as the catalyst for evolutionary and revolutionary transformation, spiritual DNA and cellular actuation, healing, and change.

Vox Angelus has presented and performed to acclaim for U.S. and international audiences. She has presented at many Conferences, Summits, TV and Radio Broadcasts including Disclosurefest, Portal to Ascension, Shift Network, The Awakening World & Sacred Sundays with Scott Catamas, Xtra Ordinary Experiences with Kasey and Brad Wallis on Xpnsion Network, and Awakening Code Radio. Vox is also a founding member of the Sonic Devas, a Sound Healing Orchestra featuring women who are world renowned Musicians, Sound Healers, and Wellness Leaders.

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