Will Caminada

Will Caminada is a Multidimensional Guide, Pleiadian Channel, Breathwork & Meditation facilitator, Singer / Songwriter, and Author of “From Darkness To Light – A Continuous Journey Towards Your Essence”. Will’s main mission is to support fellow Starseeds and Lightworkers through our current process of Ascension into the 5D New Earth.

Will works with The Pleiadians, a group of star beings currently assisting humanity through this journey. He channels his Higher-Self, who is a Pleiadian being in Taygeta, and also a collective Consciousness who present themselves as the 9D Collective Pleiadians. They aim to bring “down to Earth” messages, funnily enough, for humans who are consciously walking through the path of Ascension and expanding into their inherent multidimensionality.

Portal To Ascension Appearances

The Pleiadians Conference