Yvonne Perry
Walk-ins & Interstellar Coded Languages

Yvonne Perry is a Nashville, Tennessee, based minister, author, healing sound therapist, light language workshop facilitator, and galactic practitioner of light codes. Her shamanic methods help people retrieve and reintegrate multidimensional soul aspects. She does this through her books, light language sessions, seminars, coaching, and other spiritual services.

A graduate of American Institute of Holistic Theology, Yvonne holds a Bachelor of Science in Metaphysics. During her five-year involvement with Toastmasters International, Yvonne earned the recognition of Distinguished Toastmaster Award for her exemplary speaking skills. She attained every level of accomplishment the organization offered as well as many awards in speaking competitions.

Talk Title: Walk-ins & Interstellar Coded Languages

Yvonne’s 1999 walk-in changed her life completely. She has had several more spiritually impacting events. Presenting multidimensionality of the soul, and why we receive upgrades to our walk-ins

She is a licensed minister through Universal Life Church. As a light language activator and galactic shaman, she offers coaching to empaths (highly sensitive people), walk-ins, star seeds, and those who are dealing with ascension symptoms.

Yvonne’s books include Light Language Emerging, Walk-ins Among Us, Whose Stuff is This, Shifting into Purer Consciousness, More Than Meets the Eye, and The Sid Series, which is a collection of holistic stories for children.

Yvonne became a walk-in on December 3, 1999. She has had multiple soul experiences including a soul exchange and a soul infusion with her higher self. She brought in the gift of light language in 1994.

She believes that our souls are an accumulation of each and every one of our life experiences. We originate with Source Energy but have many, many lifetimes on this and other planets. Yvonne believes that since she holds a piece of each place that she has visited or lived, that she is an accumulation of them all. But she does resonate with the Pleiades and Arcturian origins.

Her mission is to be a light bringer and way shower. She says that we are here to help each other to wake up to the truth of who we are, to heal ourselves and the planet.

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