Zoe Pennant
The Sage

Zoe Pennant (known as The Sage) has been on her spiritual journey for most of her life but came more aware of her existence and wanted to find out more in her 20’s, over 20 years on she has come to understand this journey is the growth she chose to learn, experience and unpack.
Sage has been meditating for over 20 years and connected with Tibetan Meditation through her lineage of being quarter Tibetan. Meditation and energy healing allowed her to tap into her inner guide in turn created a whole new way of how she connected with self and others.

The Sage her spiritual name was giving to her by a spiritual teacher that saw the Sage within her, she then realised the Sage is within all of us and wanted to share the love.
She now shares to others her story and experiences to empower the love and energy that is in all of us.

I came into this world in the physical and from the age of 3 years I looked around me (at my family) and thought to myself who are these people, from then I felt different and life would never be straightforward. I never used to speak, and my mother would say I would play alone with spirits and talk only to them. From about 5 onwards at night I would go into a red tube/tunnel in my bathroom which only I could see and go somewhere that I could never remember when I woke up however some nights I would wake up on the bathroom floor and not my bed, this went on until we moved home then the red tube/tunnel would be at the top right side of my room, again I never knew where I went.

At the age of 11 I started to experience sleep and day epilepsy again this was another stage of my life that would change, throughout the years I knew I would go somewhere after I came back from a seizure. Throughout my years on earth, I knew I was different and felt alone most of my life, I couldn’t connect with my family, I would wake up with bruises on my skin many nights after getting back from my nightly visits again doctors could never find anything wrong with me.

between my 20’s and 30’s my spiritual growth really started to take presents and I realised how powerful my energy was I would heal people but I knew I was being used as a vessel and would always tell people that, then it started to grow where I would feel that I needed to heal people to connect with continuing on (dying) now this I wasn’t ready for as people wanted to be healed to live not die. I loved the spiritual world and felt at home every time I had dreams then my dreams started to become reality like a dream in a dream, I realised this whole thing was just an illusion and thereby experiences to learn and enjoy.

In 2017 3 being came to visit me and we all shared a deep meaningful relationship that lead to a journey of a lifetime that would change my life.

My presentation will be on my life journey so far, my connection with 3 beings I now work with on assignments and how speaking in light language woke up my understanding of being a walk-in since 3 years old.

I will be going into the vortex to connect with the beings for them to give a message to humans.

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