"These guys are top notch quality"

Travis Walton

"The most conscious event I have ever attended"

Justin Deschamps

"Your site encourages people to use their full potential"

Laurie T

"Really enjoyed the Arcturian webinar with Saryon Michael White - would recommend the PTA platform to others"

Andrew Logan

"This is the best Metaphysical site that I have encountered on the Internet with so many respected and new awakened guides / teachers. These cover the whole field from Conspiracy to Quantum Physics. .. UFO's to Plant Medicine. .. Ayahuasca etc. A BRILLIANT site that I truly treasure and LOVE"

Steven Greenway

"My friends at Portal To Ascension are dedicated to assisting humanity in awakening to hidden truths, the lack of knowledge of which has been causing vast problems. I celebrate their high positive intentions and great programming."

Chiraya Dharma

"It has been a real pleasure working with you on promoting many events, and especially the last two larger expos you have done. Ever since I met you, from early on in your process of being a spiritual entrepreneur, I have recognized you as one of the truly dedicated organizers/teachers. Your genuine integrity shines out head over heals above many of the other people who are attempting to do what you are doing. Many lose track of their original vision in the process and get bogged down in the economic demands of putting on events… You, to your credit, have stuck to your commitment to help uplift people on the planet in preparation for full disclosure and ascension. Your actions speak volumes in that you don’t just talk the talk, but you really walk the walk.

Samuel Kiwasz

"PTA rocks I love this organization Neil brings more to the table concerning education than anyone I've come across. Their YT channel is jam packed with information from researchers all over their world. Keep it up your doing fantastic work to help guide the masses and equipping us with proper information to make the right decisions."

Omar Iamone

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