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True World History Conference

Monday, 12/18/2023 $66

As humanity continues to progress and evolve, an awakening to our true history is underway, unveiling a narrative far more intricate, vibrant, than what traditional history books have taught us. The realization that our understanding of the past has been clouded by distortions and omissions has sparked a transformative movement of awareness and a quest for unveiling the hidden truths of our human story. For too long, we've been led to believe a narrative confined within narrow boundaries, oft...

How To Prepare For Contact With Extraterrestrials

Monday, 1/1/2024 Free or By Donation

As humanity ventures closer to encounters beyond Earth becoming a normality and integrated into our society, preparation becomes a necessity to ensure our readiness for these interactions. The significance of contact transcends our planet's boundaries, as it not only addresses the practical aspects of communication and cultural exchange with extraterrestrial beings but also delves into the implications for our collective consciousness and understanding of our place in the universe. This initiati...

The Akashic Records Conference

Friday, 1/5/2024 $55

Delve into the depths of the Akasha - the cosmic database of all existence. The Akasha serves as an eternal archive, encompassing the vast array of events, emotions, thoughts, and intentions from every timeline and dimension. Through the process of meditation, spiritual practitioners can attune to the vibrational frequency of the Akashic Records, granting access to profound wisdom and insight. Discover the transformative potential of these ethereal records as they illuminate past lives, revea...

The Ultimate Star Beings Conference

Friday, 1/12/2024 Free or By Donation

This gathering will feature over 33 presenters and we have made it no charge or by donation due to the importance of moving the conversation from the technology to the awareness of who are these beings that are and have been visiting our planet, and how are we connected to them; as well as, what institutions and belief systems, spiritual awareness and technologies will shift as we prepare humanity for Open Contact with our Galactic Community. Open interaction with beings from the stars and other...

Mary Rodwell: Past Life Contact With Non-Human Intelligences

Saturday, 1/20/2024 $33

Join Mary Rodwell for an enlightening journey into the realms of greater reality and human consciousness of Multidimensional Contact. This gathering will delve into the pioneering research conducted by the Consciousness and Contact Research Institute (CCRI), offering insights into the multifaceted nature of our existence. During this event, we will explore: Past Life Contacts with Non-Human Intelligences: Gain a deeper understanding of how encounters with non-human intelligences in past ...

Laura Eisenhower: Astrology Of 2024 & Galactic Awakening

Saturday, 1/27/2024 $33

Laura brings an unparalleled depth of insight into the celestial forces shaping our world. She will unveil the significance of the astrological alignments in 2024, decoding how they will influence personal transformations. Our connection to the cosmos is pivotal to our collective evolution. Explore humanity's higher consciousness, our place in the universe, and the presence of extraterrestrial beings. By delving into the intersection of astrology and metaphysical exploration, this event will ...

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