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Energy Healing, Metaphysics & Spirituality Conference

Saturday, 07/15/2023 $55

This conference is a response to what has been called forth from and for the collective. We are going through a re-membering; as well as a harmonizing of individual and collective trauma. We are bringing together energy healers and metaphysicians that work with the frequencies that are here to assist & uplift  the humans of Earth. Learn how to activate the light body. The practitioners at this event will transmit their own unique modality for you to experience. With this connection...

Remembering The Future: The Physics Of The Soul And Time Travel

Saturday, 08/5/2023 $33

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure into the realms of the unknown as we present the upcoming event, where you'll have the opportunity to uncover the mysteries of space, the quantum world, the human avatar, the soul, and the science of manifestation. Prepare yourself for an awe-inspiring experience as we invite you to join renowned physicist Brooks Agnew on a mind-blowing 90-minute journey through time and the fascinating realm of the Physics of the Soul. During this captivating...

Sacred Geometry: Uplevel With The Fundamental Structure Of Space Time

Saturday, 08/19/2023 $33

Come discover how Sacred Geometry has the power to transform your reality and activate the infinite potential of your unique genius.  Nadi Hana will share how the fundamental patterns of the universe can assist us in accessing the multidimensional nature of human consciousness. When we entrain our systems to the perfectly harmonic ratios of Sacred Geometry, we can bring ourselves into alignment and create profound states of coherence.  With this resonant sense of balance, we can tap in...

Activating The Galactic Within

Sunday, 09/17/2023 $33

The galactic within will be a dimensional road map on how to access parts of yourself that needs to be HERE NOW. Opening up more divine self-expression through activation, breathwork, sound attunement & diving into the multi-dimensional realms of existence. Imagine - YOU, in divine alignment!  Within you lives a dream, a dream of worlds that you haven’t even seen before. These worlds bring treasures that YOU are HERE to embody & live! "I AM self-expression, beyond boundaries,...

Geraldine Orozco 2 Day Retreat

Saturday, 09/23/2023 $99

Humanity contains within its genetic code the key to unlimited bliss and a divine power of creation multidimensionally. The access of this wisdom is the process of initiation of the soul manifest in the physical as activation of DNA.  Access a profound understanding of the tools necessary to harness the abilities to heal, embodying soul unification as the all. And shift the disconnect of mind and body harnessing the true currency of creation through pure alchemical mastery of life force.

Marissa Starseeded: Channeling & Embodiment

Saturday, 09/30/2023 $33

Learning how to channel by invoking the deities in prayer and in our embodiment. Becoming the channel - learning how to ground to the earth plane while connecting to the cosmos Working with different guides and invoking them into your experience How deities show us own power & multi-dimensional nature Expanding the channel to the cosmic unknown Grounding and how to come back to wholeness Closing & grounding the channel

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