One Soul Expo Livestream
Friday, July 13, 2018
Learn From Health, Wellness, Spiritual, Holistic and Fitness Industry, and Top Financial Abundance Experts, Earners, & Influencers! Join us, be a sponsor, buy tickets or come to promote your change-making business. But most importantly, come to connect with other leaders, healers, and heart-centered people that like you, are ready to go to the next level! Because the future is up to us!
Miesha Johnston Extraterrestrial Experieinces
Saturday, July 14, 2018
Miesha will be talking about childhood experiences and the 8 types of ET & hybrids, she had experiences with through her life.; as well as, her missing time experiences, which two were for 8 months each. She will share her adult experiences and her mission. She will give an in-depth look at her experiences with MILAB, Mk-Ultra, Project Talent, Monarch and Theta Programing. Hypnosis, drugs and psycho-surgery; separately and combined, were the tools of the quest for the ultimate truth serum. It had the capability to create an agent who could not have her mission tortured out of her, or even be aware that she was caring secret information given to her in an altered state of consciousness. She will also show how they are targeting the public with mind control weaponry or what they call non-lethal weapons.
Jason Quitt Ascension Awareness
Saturday, July 21, 2018
The world is not what we have been lead to believe. We are eternal multidimensional beings living in a multiverse. Their is a spiritual world that we are all connected too. This is the source where we find our path, healing and knowledge. Each one of us is connected to this source. We just have to remember and seek this connection.
Jason will be discussing his life long experiences with out of body contact with many different ET and dimensional beings and his astral travels through time and space. Jason will share his insight on what he has learned from having access to the worlds that are just outside our physical senses. This is a very large topic that goes into ascension, past lives, mind control, our hidden history and our spiritual development.
Lori Spagna
Saturday, August 4, 2018
Join Author, Luminary, and Contactee Lori Spagna as she goes Deep Beyond the 3rd Dimension, with: Details of her Experiences in Shifted Realities, Information on Your Dormant DNA, Our Galactic and Star Family, Ascension to Consciousness, Sacred Activations, the Role of Our Animals during the Ascension Timelines, and Much More!
Michael Salla Secret Space Program Webinar
Saturday, August 11, 2018
A fateful secret agreement reached in early 1955, between the Eisenhower Administration and a German breakaway group in Antarctica, resulted in a transnational corporate space program emerging. The covert infusion of personnel and resources from US military contractors into Antarctica allowed this transnational corporate program to steadily grow into a major space power, eventually eclipsing the secret space programs run by the US Navy and US Air Force, and the classified space programs of other nations. There is powerful evidence exposing the guarded reality of large research and development facilities existing in huge natural cavern systems under the Antarctic ice sheets.
Dr. Salla will examine the numerous weighty claims that many of the classified programs conducted there violate the 1961 Antarctic Treaty, and constitute crimes against humanity due to the abuse of a captive slave labor force. He will expose the major corporations involved in these illegal programs, and how the truth is hidden from company shareholders. Yet, unforeseen events are taking place and Antarctica’s secrets are slowly being revealed due to increased volcanic activity that is melting the massive ice shelves, exposing ancient artifacts and crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft.
Friday, November 2, 2018
18 Presenters • 2 Movies • Experiencer Sessions • Panels The 2018 Laughlin UFO Symposium features your favorite headline speakers plus breakout national and international speakers, all experts in the fields of UFOlogy, metaphysics, and consciousness. “It’s a lot of fun but it’s also very educational. The intention is to bring people together to have a dialogue about a very important reality for the planet — that we are not alone.” – Paola Harris