Justin Deschamps Occult Stillness in the Storm
Saturday, May 26, 2018
Occult describes to things that are hidden. The Law is the set of immutable rules that governs reality. The legal system are the rules discovered over history for the management of human affairs. While these topics are often regarded as boring or unimportant, more truly this knowledge is the key stone for all positive change, the backbone for all evolution. The powers that be have hidden the truth from our eyes so that we would never use this wisdom to change the world for the better, gaining freedom from the matrix of enslavement. Join Justin Deschamps as he describes the occult, law and legal system, with emphasis on how we can use this knowledge for the betterment of humanity.
Ancient Technology Megalithic Sites with Brien Foerster
Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Ancient locations, from Peru and Bolivia to Egypt, Easter Island, Lebanon, Greece, Italy, Japan and Jordan show clear evidence in the megalithic stone works of the use of advanced machining technology that could not have been achieved by the cultures attributed to these constructions, such as the Inca and the Pharaohs. What now appears obvious is that technology existed thousands of years before them which in many cases was more advanced than what we have today.
Akhenaten Brien Foerster Elongated Skulls
Tuesday, June 5, 2018
In the art work of the Amarna period of Egypt, specifically during the time of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, we see depictions of him, her, and their daughters having elongated heads. We will explore the lives and deaths of these people, as well as their origins. As well, in many other ancient cultures, especially those found in Peru, and solely among the nobility, hundreds if not thousands of extremely elongated skulls have been found, often with red hair.
Scientific and especially medical data will be presented showing that many of these individuals were genetically and physically different from the typical Natives of the area. Where did they come from?
Teresa Yanaros Super Conscious Mind
Saturday, June 9, 2018
Travel with Teresa through the Major Arcana Archetypes to Engage in your very own Life-Review and expand your consciousness toward Self-Mastery. This webinar will focus on the development of the super conscious mind when you are an adult striving to achieve your soul purpose. This Earthly experience IS your Portal to Ascension! Did you know that you can actually jump-start the ascension process through the magic of focusing attention and intention? Your consciousness is your tool, and through metacognition (thinking about thinking) you can activate your DNA and expand your experience in a powerful way!
Ufology Congress Spain Livestream
Friday, June 22, 2018
$50 / €42
Featuring: Erich Von Daniken, Kerry Cassidy, John DeSouza, Steve Bassett and More! The Ufology World Congress, unites internationally renowned, ufologists, researchers, whistle blowers, teachers and speakers from around the world, in both the English and Spanish Language, presenting groundbreaking information in the field of Ufology. ​The Congress shall take place on one stage so that the information share is experienced by one unified consciousness. Join us for this online gathering broadcasted directly from Barcelona, Spain!
One Soul Expo Livestream
Friday, July 13, 2018
Learn From Health, Wellness, Spiritual, Holistic and Fitness Industry, and Top Financial Abundance Experts, Earners, & Influencers! Join us, be a sponsor, buy tickets or come to promote your change-making business. But most importantly, come to connect with other leaders, healers, and heart-centered people that like you, are ready to go to the next level! Because the future is up to us!