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The Paradigm Shift Conference

18 Jul 2017 - 10:00AM - 6:00PM

The information presented in this event promises to transcend the boundaries of your personal beliefs systems, and the outer limits of conventional reality. The highly-regarded international speakers in this all-star teleconference event will explore what the human mind is truly capable of achieving in the world. You will learn metaphysical secrets for reclaiming your personal power, and increase your resilience, to overcome adversity in your everyday life, in this one-day webinar. Join us in this life-changing event, as global transformational leaders and speakers give us the key to shaping our future reality.

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truth of the bible conference

Truth of the Bible Online Conference

22 Jul 2017 - 10:00AM - 5:00PM

Join us as we reassemble the true bible by dissecting these stories and drawing parallels to the ancient past; providing evidence for the celestial nature of these sacred texts. The Truth of the Bible Online Conference features 6 presenters that will unveil hidden truths that will be sure to redefine your concept of reality as we have been taught.

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