Saturday, April 20, 2019
Each of us longs for healing at some level in our lives – physical, emotional, or mental. And many also long to be able to help those we love whose lives are in turmoil. This amazing three hour interactive workshop brings forth the ancient wisdom of the Masters or Chohans who oversee the Seven Healing Rays. Spoken of within the ancient Mystery Schools, the knowledge of the Seven Rays was once taught within Atlantis. It offers a powerful, simple way for each of us to begin to clear, purify and heal the emotional and mental aspects of our lives that most of us have never dreamed possible. For over a decade Tricia McCannon has worked taught these advanced spiritual techniques, and seen then change people’s lives for the better.
Lori Spana Shift of Consciousness
Saturday, April 27, 2019
Join Lori Spagna for a unifying journey into Ascension, Awakening of Humanity and Planet Earth, The Evolutionary Shift of Consciousness, Our Dormant Potential, Sacred Energy, The Role of Our Dormant DNA, Our Original Divine Blueprint and Sacred Key Code Activations.
Emery Smith Q and A
Sunday, May 12, 2019
Emery Smith will be speaking to the online audience directly and answering questions via WEBINAR Q & A. You will be able to ask Emery any question and receive direct feedback. The replay will also be available to view at any time so that you can review all the answers. Emery will be facilitating routine online q and a webinars to provide updates on his activities and answer on going questions from the public about his experiences and awareness that will soon usher in Full Disclosure. Emery worked inside secret biological facilities deep under the New Mexico desert at Kirtland, AFB, NM where he was tasked with dissecting tissue samples taken from extraterrestrial bodies. Furthermore, Emery has extensive experience with advanced technology (e.g. Regenerative Medicine, Anti-Aging technologies, Trans-dimensional technologies, Biological Consciousness Assisted technology, etc.) and Extraterrestrial Biological Analysis, working with otherworldly creatures, ranging from small tissue samples to full-size beings.
Michael Salla ET Alliances Webinar
Saturday, May 11, 2019
The origin of a US Air Force secret space program dates back to the 1942 Los Angeles UFO Air Raid incident when captured extraterrestrial technologies were studied by the US Army Air Corps. In the 1950’s, the USAF began being assisted by some extraterrestrial races in developing a small fleet of atomic powered antigravity vehicles capable of near Earth operations. In addition, stealth space stations were built using Gemini rockets, and TR-3B vehicles were used to transport material and personnel to these. Most recently, after investigating insider claims of a larger more advanced Navy secret space program developed with the assistances of human looking Nordic extraterrestrials, USAF leaders changed direction and began greater cooperation with the Nordics. This is evidenced in a leaked Defense Intelligence Agency document and photos of alleged Nordic spacecraft near MacDill Air Force Base, which have been cooperating with USAF Special Operations, The participation of the USAF secret space program in shooting down a false flag ballistic missile attack against Hawaii marks a major step forward in the USAF cooperating with a US Navy/Nordic alliance, and acceptance of a more comprehensive plan to disclose the existence of advanced alien life and technologies.
Justin Deschamps Extraterrestrial Cultures and Law
Saturday, May 18, 2019
Extraterrestrials have been visiting the earth for a very long time. Historically, we refer to these beings as gods, angels or demons. In modern times, they have different names. By analyzing the overarching make up of ET cultures across time, insights can be gleaned that help guide humanity toward the so-called golden age. Join Justin as we discuss how societies come about, what principles are needed to make them fair, honest, and sustainable, and what ET cultural and social models have been offered to us for making a benevolent human society, founded on truth, spirituality, free energy, personal sovereignty, and lawful life-enhancing institutions.