Michael Tellinger Ubuntu
Saturday, January 19, 2019
Join Michael Tellinger for this online workshop and Q&A to discuss UBUNTU & Contributionism. Awareness of UBUNTU is picking up world wide. This is the launch of a series of UBUNTU webinars for the entire year in which we will be discussing new information and receive updates on the progress of UBUNTU world wide. We will also have updates from regional coordinators. This is a call to action for 2019 and on ward. UBUNTU and One Small Town Implementation... Success and Lessons in Various Countries - USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Sweden, and South Africa. There is Rapid Progress All Over the World.
William Henry Lost Art of Ascension
Saturday, January 26, 2019
Can sacred art be a portal to another realm? Does it contain secret keys for our ascension? In this beautifully illustrated presentation, William brings a powerful spiritual practice to life as he presents a stunning display of the art of human transformation and ascension from the world’s greatest masters. In over a decade of searching for this ‘lost art’ he has assembled a truly astounding collection of sacred images from the Egyptian, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian and other traditions that share a specific purpose: to appreciate and activate a spiritual connection between the observer and the observed. William brings you face to face with the most powerful art ever created. Beyond establishing the spiritual practice of using art as a conduit to the divine realms, he presents the remarkable hidden ascension insights and practices this art embodies. Imagine, avatars and ascension gurus present in your sacred space transmitting to you the codes of ascension!
brien foerster lost high tech
Saturday, February 2, 2019
There is mounting scientific evidence that more than 6000 years before the appearance of the dynastic Egyptians a very advanced technological civilization had been destroyed by cataclysmic events, especially in the area of the Giza Plateau. What they left behind are some of the greatest construction projects ever undertaken, including the Pyramids of Giza, more than 20 stone boxes weighing 100 tons a piece in the tunnels of Saqqara, and an unfinished obelisk at Aswan that if completed would have weighed an astonishing 1200 tons.
The Masters Path Brad Johnson
Saturday, February 9, 2019
Join Brad Johnson as he shares the wisdom of the ancient masters regarding physical health, mental disciplines and deep energy field enhancement that brought powerful transcendence forward leading to spiritual immortality. From ancient energy systems, activating kundalini, reprogramming the astral and causal bodies and demonstrating Tummo and internal exercises that will grant profound physical, mental and spiritual empowerment for the self. The Master's Path will be an event to remember as you apply radical transformation through Brad Johnson's personal teachings.
Galactic Heritage
Saturday, February 16, 2019
Opportunities for Spiritual Growth through contact and communion with our Galactic Family in this time of Great Transition are very profound, and yet humanity needs protection and discernment. How do we engage with the Galactic Community? What is the nature of our connection with them? And how do we tell the difference between those that empower who we are, and those that are interfering? How do we protect ourselves? Join Saryon Michael White - author, spiritual channel, and contactee - as we explore our Starseed Nature and the opportunities of both inner and outer contact with our Galactic Family. Saryon is a keeper of a sacred teaching from the Arcturians that puts our relationship with the Galactic Community, and the Path of Integration with them, into a profound new context. Part of this workshop will be a channeled transmission from humanity's ascended teachers, and as we work to activate part of a hidden genetic bridge to our Galactic Family that everyone has.
Emery Smith Q and A
Saturday, March 2, 2019
Emery Smith will be speaking to the online audience directly and answering questions via WEBINAR Q & A. You will be able to ask Emery any question and receive direct feedback. The replay will also be available to view at any time so that you can review all the answers. Emery will be facilitating routine online q and a webinars to provide updates on his activities and answer on going questions from the public about his experiences and awareness that will soon usher in Full Disclosure. Emery worked inside secret biological facilities deep under the New Mexico desert at Kirtland, AFB, NM where he was tasked with dissecting tissue samples taken from extraterrestrial bodies. Furthermore, Emery has extensive experience with advanced technology (e.g. Regenerative Medicine, Anti-Aging technologies, Trans-dimensional technologies, Biological Consciousness Assisted technology, etc.) and Extraterrestrial Biological Analysis, working with otherworldly creatures, ranging from small tissue samples to full-size beings.
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