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Provide a stream of conscious awareness for the shift that is now occurring on the planet. We are in a time of transition in which hidden truths are beginning to resurface. Portal to Ascension is a platform to share information that will help create this new reality. We are pioneering awareness that will assist in re-writing the history books and creating a paradigm based on the principles of unity, transparency, higher consciousness and full disclosure of many truths that have been hidden from humanity and can empower us  as a collective.

In the beginning…

A group was created on Facebook called “2012 Consciousness, Mind, Evolution and Presence” in 2006. Over a period of 2 years the name slowly morphed into 3 different variations…. “Consciousness, Mind Evolution and Presence”, “Cosmic Consciousness and Ascension” and then finally in 2008 the name became “Portal to Ascension”. In 2008, Portal to Ascension began creating small meditation and sound healing events at a holistic center in Costa Mesa, CA called Gingers Garden. This venue became a central hub for Portal to Ascension to experiment with creating numerous productions for the next 2 years. These events ranged from holistic fairs, sound healing workshops, open house events and, on occasion, small one day conferences.

Milky Way

On the Road

In Summer of 2010, Portal to Ascension hit the road on the Tour of Love with Dr. Dream. They facilitated a multiple modality group energy experience in a workshop that utilized amazing sound therapy tools and cutting edge holistic healing technology. There were only 2 events booked when they hit the road and the Portal to Ascension team ended up facilitating 30 events over a period of 6 weeks.

After this tour they embarked on 3 additional tours over the next 2 years, traveling up and down the west coast of the US and into Canada. The events facilitated including sound and vibration healings, Extraterrestrial channeling workshops and small conscious conferences.

Portal to Ascension earth sunrise

The Evolution

In 2012, after 4 years of networking and facilitating numerous gatherings, Portal to Ascension reached out to some amazing conscious presenters, world wide, to create 2 big conferences over a period of 6 months. The venue was the Temple of Light in Irvine, California. The first event was Cosmic Reunion 2012 and the second was Cosmic Reunion: Fourth Density. This was a milestone in the evolution of Portal to Ascension, taking them to the next level. The founders knew that there was potential to create a huge global impact with this awareness and momentum.

Portal to Ascension northern lights


Currently, Portal to Ascension has launched this online platform for individuals world wide to come together and assist in raising the vibration of the planet and contributing to the paradigm shift we are all experiencing. These online gatherings are uncovering the truth of our existence, the nature of reality and our ancient history. Join us as we reclaim our sovereignty and remember who we truly are.

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What is your favorite topic?
What is your favorite topic?


Our Future Vision & Mission

We are pioneering information on an unprecedented level through our online interface, in which we are connecting 1000’s worldwide, even in remote countries that aren’t able to easily access this information. We intend to remain pioneers in the UFO Disclosure movement, consciousness awakening and to increase the vibration so we may all live more harmoniously with ourselves, the planet and the cosmos.

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For questions, comments and suggestions you can reach out to tour support staff that keeps everything running on the back and front end ? : Cristina Gaur & Neil Gaur.


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