Ancient UFO Sightings in Mexico

Mexico, like many other regions of the world, has a long history of UFO sightings dating back centuries. While these sightings may not have been documented in the same way as modern reports, they are still considered among the oldest reported UFO sightings in Mexico. Here are a couple of examples:

  1. 1519: Hernán Cortés and the “Flaming Serpent”: During the Spanish conquest of Mexico led by Hernán Cortés in 1519, there are accounts of a strange and eerie occurrence. Some of Cortés’ men reported seeing a “flaming serpent” in the night sky. This sighting is often interpreted as a description of a UFO due to its unusual and inexplicable nature.
  2. 17th Century: Dominican Friars’ Encounters: In the 17th century, Dominican friars who were documenting the history of the Spanish conquest in Mexico reported witnessing mysterious aerial phenomena. They described seeing flying objects with bright lights and unusual movements in the night sky.
  3. 1840: Mexico City UFO Sighting: In the early 1840s, residents of Mexico City reported a series of UFO sightings. Witnesses described seeing “flying cigars” and luminous objects in the sky. These sightings garnered attention in local newspapers and were documented by various witnesses.
  4. 1864: Tacubaya UFO Incident: In June 1864, during the French intervention in Mexico, there were reports of a mysterious aerial object seen over the town of Tacubaya, located near Mexico City. Witnesses described the object as a luminous sphere or disc in the sky, and it was witnessed by both civilians and military personnel.

These 19th-century sightings, like those from earlier periods, were often reported in the context of the technology and knowledge of the time. They are considered some of the earliest documented UFO sightings in Mexico and contribute to the historical record of inexplicable aerial phenomena in the region.

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