Just spent a week in isolation in the forest

Hello Cosmic Family,

My intention for wanting to spend a week in isolation was so that I could continue to move forward fully embodying who I am and my purpose on the planet… also also really spend some time with the trauma I experienced most of my life, but especially during child hood. I wanted space to reflect and heal without the constant noise in the mainstream world. Since my Ex-Wife, Sol, and I seperated a year and a half ago I have been on a deep journey of transformation… lost, lonely, confused but also excited and hopeful. The constant flow of what we create at Portal to Ascension also took a pause as I was doing some deep work and could not bring myself to show up in the same way for those months. Now, I am not the man that I was 5 months ago. I feel like going into the forest after the last few months was a rebirthing process for me and for Portal to Ascension.

When I turned 40 last November something clicked in me. I will not go into the rest of my life with the baggage I have been holding on to since I was a child and I will do anything to come to peace with it. I did not believe I could continuing running Portal to Ascension unless I become the man I need to be for what we are creating, so here are my thoughts and insights as I sat and walked for hours a day in the forest.

The days are so long when you literally have nothing you have to do. Everyday I sat, meditated, grounded, chanted, breathed, worked out, ate, took 4 hikes, got lost in the forest and found my way home; and it was still only 1pm! There was a constant battle with my mind of being okay with boredom and redefining boredom to the ability just to be present with myself without the need for anything external.

With so many distractions in the world, many of us find it hard to sit with ourselves without stimuli. There was a time when life was much simpler, even though the human brain has always been so complex. On Day 1 and 2 in the forest I was enamored by the beauty and thankful for nature’s healing gifts. I could feel the melting away of old programs. I sat for hours, breathing, reflecting. I sat on a rock in the middle of a stream observing my thoughts intending to go deeper and unlock layers of my subconscious as I would chant the Gayatri Mantra.

The days were warm and the nights were freezing. No electricity, no service, no internet… and I had been trying to make a fire for 3 days without luck, it just fizzles out within seconds. On Day 4 the programming kicked in… self doubts, insecurities, feelings of being alone, not being worthy. It was definitely uncomfortable and was hard to even get up to go for a walk that morning. I had no choice but to sit with it and observe… breathing through the discomfort. Downloads were coming to me such as what I can focus on personally, what I truly want in life and what is the next evolution of Portal to Ascension.

So much fear came up, so much pain deep inside and ultimately so much love and compassion

I began writing this note on Day 4 as I was deeply processing grief for my past and making room for the new world to live within me. After the week I spent in the Oaxacan Forest I feel renewed and inspired. I am ready for what is to come. The reason I share this with you is a message of hope… more like a knowing. The Earth awaits patiently to embrace us and let us know it is all okay, she supports us, loves us so unconditionally. Mother Earth knows that there will be a day when the children return home. The star family know that there will be a day when we remember how we are all intrinsically connected to each other and the cosmos.

Creation is a beautiful tapestry and together we are a symphony of vibration and harmonics that have been unaware for so long about our true power. It is time for that chapter of experience to come to a close. We honor the contrast it providing with full awareness that due to this contrast we are now able to embody the light

The tools to return us to the zero point, the stillness within, exist and are here now on the planet. They never left but were just covered up for quite some time. Our minds and souls are resilient. The programs only attempts to mask the absolute truth of our godliness. We are so powerful and there will be a day when all of humanity knows and that is my mission for this incarnation and that is the ultimate mission of Portal to Ascension. 2023 and 2024 we are evolving to exponential heights in what we are creating and the collaboration efforts we are making.

We are waking up and there is no turning back. We do not create events just to relay information. We create gatherings to inspire and awaken us to our true potential and cultivate real sovereignty exploring many aspects of wisdom, truth and esoteric awareness.

What we are about to embark on is the greatest story ever told…. how we woke up when the cards seemed to have been stacked against us… how we found light in darkness…. how we remembered, when we were born to forget… how we chose transparency over lies…how we chose truth over delusion. Are you ready? Are you truly ready for what is to come? A restructuring of civilization… a collective re-prioritization of our goals and missions on Earth… A world based on truth, vibration and evolved consciousness.

Thank you for being a part of Portal to Ascension. Our new platform is launching this week and with that we are traveling to unexplored Universes in what we are creating and producing. Stay tuned and connected, this is only the beginning.

I love and appreciate you all.

Neil Gaur

Portal to Ascension

Here is an interview I did yesterday of me talking about my time in the forest

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