King Arthur, Merlin & Cornwall

King Arthur:

In the realm of Camelot, a legendary king named Arthur emerged, destined to unite the fractured land of Britain. Arthur pulled the sword Excalibur from a stone, a feat that marked him as the rightful king. With the guidance of the wise wizard Merlin, Arthur established the Knights of the Round Table, a fellowship sworn to uphold the ideals of chivalry and justice.

Arthur’s reign was marked by great deeds and quests, including the quest for the Holy Grail, a sacred relic associated with the Last Supper. The love affair between Arthur’s queen, Guinevere, and his most trusted knight, Lancelot, added another dimension to the tale.


Merlin, the wizard and advisor to King Arthur, played a crucial role in shaping Arthur’s destiny. Some versions of the legend depict Merlin as a wise and benevolent counselor, while others emphasize his magical powers and ability to foresee the future. Merlin was often portrayed as the architect behind Arthur’s rise to power, guiding him in moments of crisis and providing magical assistance when needed.

Merlin’s magical influence extended to the creation of Camelot and the enchantment of Excalibur. In some versions, Merlin also orchestrated the conception of Arthur through mystical means, ensuring that he was born to fulfill a great destiny.


Cornwall, a region in southwest England, is often associated with Arthurian legend. Tintagel, a site in Cornwall, is traditionally linked to the birthplace of King Arthur. According to some versions of the legend, Uther Pendragon, Arthur’s father, took on the appearance of Gorlois, the Duke of Cornwall, to seduce Igraine, Gorlois’s wife. Arthur was conceived during this enchanted encounter.

The dramatic cliffs of Tintagel, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, have been romantically tied to Arthurian legend, and the ruins of Tintagel Castle are often visited as a potential site of Arthur’s birth.

The Arthurian legend has evolved over time, with various authors adding their own twists and interpretations. Cornwall’s connection to the legend, particularly Tintagel, adds a touch of mystique to the tale of King Arthur and Merlin, emphasizing the magical and romantic aspects of this enduring legend.

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