Mother Earth Poem by Neil Gaur

This goes out to 1 of the manifestations of source
the north sky… reflecfts light onto my porch
the entire planet is my church
even when she is scorched
mother nature will nourish
and replenish the soil
so that man kind can reap the spoils
abundance… creation & destruction
the kali ma personification
manifesting on this plane
in the form of all life…
married to father sky
our minds remain fertile
earth on the back of a turtle
the Nephilim reversal
and generations of persecution
nemesis brings retribution
and Ishtar’s contribution
are the flowers that bloom
the life that we once knew
she is the one who
provides unconditional love to you
as we move over her surface
I dedicate these verses
she is always of service
time to give back
time to bring it back
the wounded feminine is where we have been at
but also the wounded man
the divine aspect ran
away from our place a millennia ago
patriarchy and damaged egos
took over this world
now is the moment to bring back the days of old
the divine feminine has been on hold
but never truly left
the energy transcends gender
as we embark on this quest
to remember our nest
before we were born she blessed
you and me… you and me…
who are we… an illustration
of beauty and art
displayed in the cosmos for all those
who pass us… to see and admire
she is the fire… the water…
the wind and the birds
all other creatures have heard
her voice sings land into existence
providing assistance
and gravitational resistance
so we continue to thrive
when we die before our souls return to the sky
we join her become her again
the truest of friends
with us until the end & rebirth
she is Mother Earth.

~ MC Resonance aka Neil Gaur

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