PTA Mission Update | April 2020

It has been an interesting year, has it not? We have been picking up so much momentum and have now produced over 100 events this year and have our schedule up until March of 2021! With the intensity going on in the world and the constant bombardment of fear and confronted with our own mortality it is more important than ever to keep shining love, wisdom and truth. What would happen if the entire planet fell into fear and worry? I was once told that as the light gets brighter the darkness that is cast gets bigger and it could very well be we are in the time where the constructs that were dis-empowering humanity for so long are on their way out and is only so prevalent now because it is no longer hidden – instead exposed to be reformed and transformed.

This year we, Portal to Ascension, are embarking on a few new ventures. One with Billy Carson on The 4Bidden Tour across the US in which you can attend live or online and then also The True World History Conference in Atlanta.

We have been asked countless times to come to the East Coast so we will be there with William Henry, Tricia McCannon, Billy Carson, Donny Arcade and Justin Deschamps for our first east coast conference. (DATE TBA Due to All Events being Cancelled)

Here in California we are almost in full lock down. Only essential businesses are open and it is technically a low level crime to be out of your house if your job is not essential or you are getting food or assisting someone. I am aware that many of you are spending more time at home now due to the current world situation and some are at home days on end… So I have decided to make many of our past productions available to you at no charge on our site. This is a great time to be informed and to learn and absorb the information that will result in many of you being the teachers in a new paradigm that is manifesting. Many have lost their jobs and not even receiving any income now. The global economy has been greatly affected and we must create a new one in the years and decades to come. I want to do what we can to offer you all a source of awareness that you can benefit from and that can also provide insight and inner peace as we move forward in this world of uncertainty. We are all just trying to figure it out day by day and none of us truly have the answers… but the exploration of truth and who we are is what drives us to uncover awareness that is truly revolutionary. We literally have over 2000 hours of no charge ready to view footage for you if you were to login using your access info (all of you have a username and a password). We are a one stop shop for consciousness and as the awakening continues we are not only a source for those who are waking up; but also for the wayshowers of this new reality to get the intensive training they need to be the teachers when and while this occurs.

Our intention is to provide a nonstop stream of conscious awareness dealing with countless topics in order to help transform, align and empower humanity to live in peace with themselves, each other and THE ENTIRE COSMOS. We have the knowledge, technology and ability to create this reality now and only together can we do this.

Also… FYI we now have a podcast called Awarewolf Radio and will be going live 3 times a week with current world updates… You can SIGN UP HERE and get reminders every time we go live on zoom.

We will be sending updates and epic videos for you to see over the next few months to uplift and inform. I love you all and I am truly grateful to walk this path of awakening with you.

Neil Gaur
Portal to Ascension
CEO & Founder

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