Quarantine Poem By Neil Gaur


Isolation… separated in borders across multiple nations
Spread the disease with a viral sneeze hiding behind closed doors
Elder generations… mortality being confronted with eternal damnation
The crucifixion of the one who’s religion has come to create our present legislation
Slaves to the wasteland… God’s final narration
Can’t leave the comfort of my own seat, first world frustration
Systems collapsing those who were dancing economic inflation
Humanity in gestation making way for a day when we bring back elation
Remember the times we used to walk outside before the foundation
Was removed and what we do that ignited our pride
Was taken from out of our side like a thorn that will pry
Open multiple third eyes… give it back through taxation
to live in this playground… the temptation of social interaction
Got me facing the agenda of the masons
Hoard up on food before starvation takes us or until we realize
abundance is our birth right and we can take back our dignity
integrity and ride this quantum wave we signed up to play
blaze through the cosmos and enter the space station
across the other side of the galactic disk… all thoughts while I be pacing
back and forth on my own porch looking and the sun rise and set
To all my relations… ingest water maintain hydration…
DNA strands activation… another form of manipulation of a single gene…
Locked up inside, expand your consciousness and fly
It’s time for quarantine….

By MC Resonance AKA Neil Gaur

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