Santa Cruz Decriminalizes all Psychedelic Plants & Fungi

Santa Cruz, California has voted to decriminalize all Entheogenic Plants and Fungi which includes Ayahuasca, Peyote, Magic Psilocybin Mushrooms, Ibogaine and many more, on Tuesday January 28th, 2020. This initiative was brought to the city council in November of 2019. They are the second city in the US to decriminalize all Entheogenic plants, after Oakland and the third to decriminalize Magic Mushrooms, which includes Denver, Colorado.

This is another move towards national decriminalization in which the evidence of the mental health benefits these plants and fungi provide are no longer able to be ignored. This has been a long journey that has spanned over many years; where there have been independent studies of various psychedelics and their therapeutic benefits. In February last year Magic Mushrooms began being explored to assist with PTSD and corporations / organizations have been to contribute money toward decriminalization. Dr. Bronner’s donated $150,000 towards decriminalization in Oregon in 2019.

The City Council unanimously voted for decriminalization and was originally sponsored by Vice Mayor Justin Cummings, who is now the city’s mayor. The measure will allow police enforcement to put their energy and resources to better use rather than combating cases involving Entheogenic plant use that has also put many behind bars. A provision was also inserted to clarify that “the sale, use and cultivation of Entheogenic Plants and Fungi to and by minors should be considered an exception that should require appropriate investigation by the Santa Cruz City Police Department.”

A provision was added that allows for cultivation by the user so that it limits individuals attempting to find Entheogenic plants and fungi through the black market. There is also a push from the city’s federal and state lobbyists to “work in support of decriminalizing all Entheogenic psychoactive plants, and plant and fungi-based compounds listed in the Federal Controlled Substances Act.”

This is an amazing move forward and there will now be a large amount of support to decriminalize the whole of California. A new organization called Project New Day is focused on promoting the research behind psychedelics for treatment of addiction and other mental health issues.

A note to keep in mind is how the mainstream media is covering this decriminalization initiative. Similar to Oakland, the mainstream is focusing on informing the public about the decriminalization of mushrooms and does not focus on the fact that ALL naturally occurring psychedelics are decriminalized in Santa Cruz and Oakland.

There are over 100 other cities in the US that are considering decriminalizing psychedelics this year and many organizations are beginning clinical trials or producing clinics and delivery methods for these plants and fungi now. The world could look like a very different place in the next few years as this reform movement continues and collective traumas, PTSD, mental and physical health issues are addressed with these plants that have little to no long term side effects.

The pharmaceutical industry has not yet witnessed the changes that are to come when people will be able to heal from many conditions without using harmful pills that are also addictive and can create a lot of damage. We are in exciting times and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. Portal to Ascension produces many events on conscious topics, including plant medicines. Stay tuned and sign up for our email list below to keep updated on our upcoming Plant Medicine Awareness Conference that will take place in the Bay Area. We will be creating more events on psychedelics to inform the masses and reduce the stigma about these ancient healing medicines.

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