The Nine Hells Poem by Neil Gaur

Enter the maze the abyss
Where misery sits
The inferno that is too hot to sit
yet alone take a stand… this is the land
that you will forever be in
Doesn’t really exist in the realm of men
and women… souls come down to explore this world
you are renowned in the depths of this place
where the gods send humans who waste their life
disgraced their time… on this 3d line
down we fall… to the underworld
but my question is can we fall any more?
We were angels who dropped, tripped and fell into Earth
we are volunteers not celestial beings who were cursed
What is the worst thing that can happen
with so much chaos and lyricists rapping
expressing themselves through flows
until you enter the first hell entitled Limbo
where the unbaptized and pagans go
I guess I will enter this realm
because I know there was more than one…
until humanity decided to worship the Sun
many gods… with a lower case g
their words were empty but providing technology
that has been lost to time…
until revelations transforms the central mind

Enter the realm of lust… stuck
no balance… patriarchy has done its damage
over sexualiziing… controlling minds
But I manage to break free… every now and then
Until they catch up with me with signs, entertainment
and the media we can’t trust… this fiending… can we adjust
from a millennia of rust… wipe of the dust…
as we raise our cups… to the highest of levels
have various forms of devils…
personified energy combined with heavy metals
will shift your brain… ¬†as we enter the next two planes…
of existence… gluttony & greed are hells that are persistent
I will remove all the items from my wish list
to this personal hell I am resistant… many are coexisting
with demons that are misfits… as we shift our intentions
and belief systems around what is our mission
on the third planet… We are stranded
one day this illusion will straight up vanish
the greed is the fourth circle in the inferno
where humans fight for money and valuables
The I AM presence knows the grand design is intellectual

Anger can consume you… enter the tomb
Your tombstone will join the other souls
that could not move on or past grudges that last
multiple life times… running too fast
foot on the gas… exploding and erupting
spreading lava all over the place
move on up to the circle of heresy
where heretics spend eternity
dubbed to be blasphemy
ashes and a scorching fire
those here have been wired not to believe
what is commonly accepted… and retire
organized religion… with an alternative vision
of a personal hell that will diminish
this life is finished
made in his image…
but dismissed by God
into the seventh and eight encompassed with violence and fraud

If you feel these flows give your head a nod
Ground into the earth with a copper rod
conscious awareness will never be outlawed
I applaud the ways you move through this maze
At the end seeing the light of day
climbing up the hierarchy… into the ninth hell of treachery
the last aspect of duality needed before the extrasensory
gifts come on line… DNA strands activate and the vibration inside
each one of us will rise
As life moves from struggle to joy and fun
and we enter the sixth sun

By MC Resonance aka Neil Gaur

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