UFO Disclosure Happening? Non Human-Intelligence Space Craft Found?

Many of you may be following the next series of drip disclosure that is occurring in which a high ranking intelligence officer turned whistleblower is stating that there is a decades long UFO crash retrieval department within the government that has been documenting, discovering and dissecting space craft from non-human intelligences. Many of us distrust the self proclaimed elite to allow for the truth to come out. Can we decipher the lies and find an absolute truth? Are they allowing for these elements to be released because the it is inevitable that the truth will eventually be known to the masses. Join me for a series of no charge zoom events to see if we can figure it out and tune in to it together.

This is how UFOs went from being ridiculed to mainstream

The Time Line Part 1:

  • Tom Delonge goes live on his twitter feed about To The Stars Academy with ‘Ex-Nasa and DoD officials’
  • Hillary tried to use UFOs to gain more support as she ran for president when appearing on Jimmy Kimmel which was the moment the new term UAPs was coined and released to the public
  • Wikileaks emails shows all this correspondence between gov officials about UFOs/ UAPs
  • More videos get dropped over a period of a few years
  • Tom Delonge gets replaced with Jeremy Corbell
  • Congress has 2 hearings on the subject
  • Nothing gets released and they still want to consider it a foreign threat
  • No one speaks about Extraterrestrials but it begins to be implied
  • Sun News repots on material found in a space craft that has the ability to slow down time

Much more activity occurred and then…

The Time Line Part 2: (The Present)

  • News Nation releases in a series (still happening now) the 7 hour interview with this whistleblower
  • Gov has craft from non-human intelligence
  • The next day a series of more high ranking officials say yes there are 12 in possession
  • Question: Are they lying? In bed with DoD? or are the lies coming out?
  • The next day… UFO crash and sighting in Las Vegas



This is a very short summary. From working with many researchers, whistleblowers and experiencers since 2008, I have had the opportunity to see this from many perspectives. I am doing a series and then following that up with an all day UFO Disclosure Conference at no charge to break down these videos, follow the money and corruption and dive deep into uncovering the truths.

I will show clips from our interview with Paola Harris and Clifford Stone who was a part of the UFO Crash Retrieval team and we will discuss this phenomena thoroughly with curiosity and elevated consciousness.

I am not starting the series until June 18th so that we have some more time to let things settle and see what else comes to light. I may bring on a guest or two… since I am doing this from immediate inspiration to do so, I have not had time to plan anything out yet 🙂

Infinite LOVE & Cosmic Disclosure

~ Neil Gaur

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