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Billy Carson: Fractal Holographic Universe

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Billy Carson: Fractal Holographic Universe
Billy will take us on a visual journey to explore the nature of a fractal and whether or not we are living in a light matrix. We will discover the implications of technology and artificial intelligence in the world that is now emerging. There is a science of meditation and consciousness that connects to the fabric of the universe. It is fractal in nature and there is a programming that controls each dimension. What is the programming of this dimension and how will we shift our frequency to re-align with universal consciousness? Join Billy Carson on this epic adventure.

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What Will Be Discussed...

  • What is fractal
  • Are we living in a light matrix
  • What type of programming controls the third dimension
  • How does AI work and what are the implications
  • How does prayer and meditation work
  • How do you raise your vibration to synchronize with the Universal Consciousness
  • How to create and guide your own reality tunnel

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