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Solar Consciousness, Synchronicity & The New Human

Solar Consciousness, Synchronicity & The New Human
In this transformative online presentation join Honovi Strongdeer on an illuminating journey into the realm of Solar Consciousness, Synchronicity and the emergence of the “New Human”.

SOLAR CONSCIOUSNESS is an ancient concept that has been explored in various spiritual and esoteric traditions. It encompasses the understanding of the Sun as a conscious, spiritual, angelic, and energetic force, representing higher states of consciousness, enlightenment, and divine wisdom.

Have you ever felt a deep resonance with the Sun, a sense that its energies hold light codes and keys to your awakening journey? Join Honovi Strongdeer as she delves into the profound concept of Solar Consciousness, the recent increase in Solar Flares and how this is intricately linked to the evolution of Human Consciousness
on the planet during this time of Ascension. Discover the ancient wisdom that suggests we are, at our core, SOLAR HUMANS - beings intrinsically connected to the Sun’s transformative energies.

In this workshop you'll discover:

*Solar Consciousness Unveiled: Explore the deeper dimensions of Solar Consciousness, what it means to be a Solar Human, and how embracing this connection can catalyze and accelerate your Spiritual Growth and Journey.

*Synchronicity, Ascension and Cosmic Alignment: Dive into the world of synchronicities, those meaningful coincidences that guide us on our Ascension path. Learn how to increase synchronicity and how it is intricately linked to cosmic alignments and higher guidance from
your Guides.

*New Human Blueprints: Discover the 'Blueprints' for the 'New Human' and the profound physiological and energetic changes taking place within our 12 Strand DNA during this Ascension process. Explore the connection between Kundalini Activation and the emergence of a new species.

*How to Navigate Fear and Resistance: Understand the role of fear and resistance in the Ascension process and learn how to navigate them whilst embracing your true self and Higher Purpose.

*Practical insights: Receive practical tools and guidance on how to navigate your Spiritual Awakening with grace and clarity. Learn how to harness the power of Solar Consciousness to activate your own inner light.

*Guided Sound Meditation & Solar Activation: Strongdeer will also share a Channeled Guided Meditation with singing, playing musical instruments and sharing Light Language, to connect with Solar Consciousness from her and her Guides ARIA that will help activate your inner potential.

*Q&A and Interactive Discussion: Engage in a dynamic Q&A with Honovi Stronger where you can ask questions, share your experience, and connect with like-mined individuals on this transformative Journey.

Join us for this expansive exploration of Solar Consciousness, Synchronicity, and the emergence of the “New Human”.

As we stand on the threshold of a new era, this talk invites you to embrace the flow of Solar Consciousness, as you align yourself with cosmic forces of light, expansion and transformation.

It is a path of self-realization, and empowerment that invites you to embody the radiant energy ofthe Sun and contribute to the collective awakening of Humanity.

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Solar Consciousness, Synchronicity & The New Human

About The Speaker

Honovi Strongdeer

Honovi Strongdeer

Honovi Strongdeer is a New Earth Leader, Shamanic Priestess, Spiritual Awakening mentor, Channel for Angelic/Extraterrestrial Guides and International speaker. She shares about the ‘New Human Blueprints’ also known as ‘Solar Humans’ that are currently being activated by the current Ascension timeline, energetic shifts and increased Solar activity. Solar Consciousness & Solar Humans are about exploring and embodying the principles of compassion, unity and divine wisdom, and the potentials of living off of Light or Solar Frequencies. Her mission is to shake up the old paradigms and usher in a new era of consciousness.

Strongdeer is also a sound healer, singer, musician, dancer and artist. She specializes in taking people to Sacred Sites for ‘Ancient Activations’ and connection to the civilization known as Lemuria on her International Retreats, combining Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga, Kundalini activation and plant medicine, for once in a lifetime experiences! She is developing a modality called ‘Kundalini Shamanism'™ - which she has channeled, innovated and developed herself, bringing together the Science of Kundalini with Shamanism.

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