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Tim Tactics: 70 years of Unacknowledged Extraterrestrial Contacts

Tim Tactics: 70 years of Unacknowledged Extraterrestrial Contacts
Tim Tactics, a Governance Expert from Europe, tells you where we stand right now—in a time where sightings become more regular and governments are almost openly admitting the existence of so-called "exotic lifeforms". The planet and you deserve to not be left behind, while the whole universe evolves.

What we will explore

  • Strange light phenomena in the skies over Europe. So called "Foo Fighters", believed to be just unknown human technology.

  • New documents that talk about a crashed UFO in Mussolini's italy.
    German reengineered "flying discs" and the famous crash in Roswell, USA in 1947 leading to the establishment of the CIA.

  • This has resulted in a 70-year-old history of this planet that has been modified and altered.

Are you aware what really happened in the last 70 years behind closed doors? Find out at this expose with Tim Tactics.

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Tim Tactics: 70 years of Unacknowledged Extraterrestrial Contacts

About The Speaker

Tim Tactics

Tim Tactics

Tim is a governance expert from Europe. For almost a decade, he worked as a tactical advisor within the covert governance sector in Europe, which aims, among other things, to understand the missions and strategies of non-human intelligences on our planet and beyond. He has had face-to-face sightings with so-called "exotic lifeforms," beings not from this Earth.

Tim also reports on his numerous experiences with advanced technologies behind closed doors and shares his insider knowledge from ten years of work in undisclosed projects, especially on the topic of the current disclosure. His deep understanding of the mysteries of the universe comes from his extensive contacts.

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