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Training with Ascended Masters: A Live Channeling Event

Training with Ascended Masters: A Live Channeling Event
The Ascended Masters are the most amazing friends and teachers that you could ever imagine having. They can teach you how to be a master of life. They can train you to be fearless, resourceful, abundant, unconditionally loving and, an inspiration to those you meet. There is no problem too great for their intelligence to resolve, and their wisdom and humor can make a dark day seem like the dawn of a new and more hopeful chapter in your life. Now don’t these seem like the kind of people you would like to surround yourself with?

For the past two decades I have had the great pleasure of knowing these great and magnificent beings that have guided me on a journey into greater love, freedom and self-mastery. It is my great pleasure to now work with them as a channel and emissary of their teachings. When I speak of the Ascended Masters I am most often referring to the collective of nonphysical/multidimensional beings that serve humanity from a more refined dimension of love and light.

After being trained to channel the Masters by the Ascended Master Saint Germain, their messages and teachings have been flowing through me since 2005. Participating in this video webcast is an opportunity to practice attuning to the energies of the Masters that show up, and to learn about the process of integrating with their gifts, which they freely share.

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Training with Ascended Masters: A Live Channeling Event

About The Speaker

Saryon Michael White

Saryon Michael White

Saryon's research into UFOs, Ancient Civilizations, human origins, and the hidden history of the world took a dramatic turn during his first year of college when he started having out-of-body experiences. Research turned into exploration as he learned how to travel dimensionally and through time, in the out-of-body state. Soon, he began receiving visitations from angels and ETs that showed the Living Records of Earth and other worlds. Now, more than 25 years later, he's sharing what he's discovered through this unique journey and process of research, revelation, and psychic exploration.

As an author, channel, spiritual historian, and somewhat of an out-of-body investigator, Saryon is a guide to the portals and time capsules of living memory that are now opening, helping people attune to what is coming online in the human chakra system with his stories and information.

His first book, Roya Sands and the Bridge Between Worlds, weaves truth into fiction as a young woman discovers her mysterious connection to a lost civilization living inside the Earth.

This Class Will Teach You:

  • How to Work With the Masters
  • What Key Intentions Most Align You To Receive
  • What it Takes to Progress on the Spiritual Path of Training With the Masters
  • What it Means to Walk a Path of Integration With the Masters
  • And What the Masters Have in Store for Us as a Live Activation

    And if you are interested in learning how to channel, these insights and teachings are very complementary.

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