Aage Nost

Aage was born on a farm in Norway, came to the USA at the age of 25 to become a Professional Pilot. He did so and in a partnership, owned a Flight School, Air Taxi and Air Carrier. After retiring from flying he started studying the Mind deeper, taught the Zoxpro Mind Development course, is a hypnotist, author of several books, was a TV Talk show host for 6 years, and is a Radio talk show cohost on Broadcast Team Alpha. He has been teaching classes on Self Hypnosis, Meditation, Psychic abilities, Astral Travel, and Universal Success Principles. At this conference, I will be talking about the Scientific evidence that we live in a Self Aware Mind Created Computer simulation. And will reduce the science to simple principles and analogies everyone can understand. And how we can Reverse the Aging process as the Nobel Prize was given for its discovery – and nobody told us. Time permitting, I can explain Time Travel and how it works – with photographic evidence of Time Travel

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